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  • Cultivate "industrial artificial intelligence talents" to meet the needs of the country's industry

"Industrial Artificial Intelligence (IAI)", also known as industrial AI, refers to the application of artificial intelligence in industry. "Industrial artificial intelligence talents" can also be referred to as AI+X talents. AI is artificial intelligence technology, and X refers to professional domain knowledge. AI+X talents refer to data processing and analysis technologies that can integrate AI and big data at the same time. Or network technology and professional domain knowledge, and accurately solve industrial problems.

"Industrial artificial intelligence talents" are in line with the global and my country's technological development trends, realizing President Tsai's national development vision of "digital countries, smart islands", driving enterprise AI innovation with key industry needs, promoting industrial AI-based transformation and development, and enhancing industrial competition Power, towards a country of wisdom and innovation.

Artificial intelligence, especially deep learning technology, will drive software, hardware and services to a new wave of peaks, and will greatly affect different industries, and the manufacturing industry is as high as 64.3%. Therefore, this bachelor's degree program focuses on AI in industry The application also meets the needs of the market.

According to the 10 major trends of Taiwan's ICT market in 2020 announced by IDC (International Data Information Co., Ltd.) Research Institute, the top two are all covered by AI, which shows that AI is the main axis of the future development of my country's industry and plays a key role in the digital transformation of enterprises. Role.

Therefore, in order to comply with my country’s AI talent cultivation policy, this program will adopt practical innovative teaching methods, replace theoretical calculations with program implementations, use the school’s AI research center teachers to form an AI+X cross-domain dual teacher, and use actual industry-university cases. As the subject of students' cross-field capstone topics, the manufacturers of the AI ​​Research Center's industry-university program are used as the field for students' in-depth internships. It is hoped that students will have the immediate ability to apply AI technology to specific professional fields when they graduate.

  • Ming Chi University of Technology's efforts and vision in practical research and development

The school was founded by the founders of Formosa Plastics Corporation, Mr. Wang Yongqing and Mr. Wang Yongzai, in Kunzhong in the 53rd year of the Republic of China. For 56 years, it has upheld the philosophy of running a school with integrity and insisting on quality. The number of students in the school is only about 4,500. The fruits subsidize the financial deficit of the school budget. The school also adopts the two main characteristics of "work-study practical internship, three Meiji-style professional development education, and the strengthening of character and attitude of all living schools". It is highly praised by all walks of life and educational peer groups, and it is also a model of private education in China. In the 2020 Foresight Magazine University Rankings, our school was ranked 20th in the country, 6th in Technical and Vocational University of Science and Technology, and 1st in Private University of Science and Technology.

In terms of practical research and development, since 2010, it has been awarded as the “Excellent Unit for Industry-University Cooperation” by the Chinese Society of Engineers. Let down the government or the public's expectations of practical R&D for technical schools and colleges. In addition to the practical R&D industry-university cooperation, the teachers of our school are also committed to publishing the results of applied research in international journals. Therefore, the average per capita performance of SCI and SSCI-level papers published by our teachers over the years has also been impressive. In the past two years (2020 and 2019) ) In the statistical data of the Web of Science database, the performance of our teachers in this project is ranked 3rd in the National University of Science and Technology, and 1st in the private University of Science and Technology. Based on the above, it can be found that in terms of knowledge output, the teachers of our school not only have outstanding performance in industry-university cooperation and research and development, but also have outstanding per capita performance in academic paper publication, which shows that the practice and academic research and development of our school teachers have a solid foundation.

Therefore, this bachelor’s degree program will be based on this outstanding achievement and the advantages of the cross-field integration of the artificial intelligence and data science research center, conform to the trend and trend of world technology development, and the "digital country" and "Taiwan AI Action Plan". National policies continue to make efforts for the school's pragmatic research and development direction, highlighting important features and advantages.

  • Coordination with the overall development of the school

With the support of the board of directors, Ming Chi University of Science and Technology strongly supports teachers and students in practical research and development, and invests huge funds to set up a research center. The purpose is to move toward the vision of an industry-university research and development university, and contribute knowledge output to industrial technology improvement and sustainable social development. . The school currently has 9 school-level research centers (Figure 1-2), each of which is invested by the board of directors of thousands
Purchase advanced instruments and equipment of more than 10,000 yuan, and provide annual equipment costs to continuously purchase equipment, and provide annual operating expenses to purchase consumables and other business expenses and hire researchers, engineers and assistant technicians to assist the research team in practical technical research and development.

The Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Research Center (hereinafter referred to as the AI&DS Research Center) was established in 2019, with the development of industrial artificial intelligence (Industrial AI) technology as the main axis, and is committed to applying AI and data analysis technology to industrial practices. Therefore, the AI&DS Research Center integrates the school’s information technology, data analysis, design management, chemical manufacturing process and electrical
Teachers in the fields of electronics, electrical machinery, machinery and other specialties form a cross-field AI+X team to assist the industry in solving practical problems. At present, the AI&DS research center of our school and the cross-domain team formed by various departments have undertaken more than 30 industry-academic cooperation research projects on artificial intelligence applications in the industry since 2019, and received research funding of 46 million yuan. Therefore, this bachelor's degree
After the establishment of the program is approved, it can fully provide students with the themes of cross-field capstone topics and the source of the full-time teachers to compile practical teaching materials.

The school's research center leads the entire school's teachers and students toward the vision of an “industry-university research and development university”, which shows that the school-level research center plays a very important role in the future development of the school. The school's innovative teaching philosophy is "to use the research center to simultaneously undertake the tasks of knowledge production and talent cultivation, so as to cultivate innovative application talents with the latest knowledge and technology."

This program is the first time the university has proposed to undertake a bachelor degree program with the research center "Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Research Center". It’s a pioneering initiative to break away from the existing faculty framework and to undertake the bachelor's degree program by the research center. It is due to the rapid development of AI technology and rapid changes in industrial demand. AI+X industrial artificial intelligence talents are a cross-field education model.
The heart represents flexibility, speed, innovation and pragmatism, and is providing an environment for fostering industrial artificial intelligence talents. Even so, the supporting faculty and members of the research team for this bachelor's degree program cover the faculty of the three faculties of the school and the faculty of the School of Engineering of the University of Cincinnati in the United States. It is an inter-faculty degree program.

In addition, since our school will be centered on the research center and apply for a master's and doctoral degree program based on its development characteristics, this bachelor's degree program will definitely actively establish master's and doctoral programs in response to the needs of AI&DS research center research and development manpower and industrial talents in the future. And combined with sister schools in the United States and Southeast Asia, working towards the direction of the international chemistry program.